I am an arc.
A swish.
A wave of the hand ...
A curve that creates the form and sets the journey.
Bending the way ... into the Museum 
beyond the Museum over the Museum ... Walk with me.
This is architecture born of movement—an arc linking earth, water and sky. A shimmering glass and timber honeycomb façade soars and sweeps to the ground, drawing visitors into a stream of spatial experiences. The building’s outer skin holds a waterside laneway defined by a curving stone wall and retail strip buzzing with people looking for art, music, coffee, fun. Beyond, the museum is a monumental atrium of interconnecting tiered galleries, its hovering honeycomb ceiling an inner expression of the outer skin. A roof top park, arches skyward, connecting harbour, city and Tahititornin vuori Park, the museum at its heart. 
A place to sit in the sun.
Watch a performance.
Play on the grass. 

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